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Artist Biography

I grew up and live in rural Connecticut. Having the opportunity to travel at times, I am still fascinated by the natural beauty of New England, and have yet to lack in finding subject matter that invites me. Having learned the art of photography the “old fashion way”, I feel that only adds to the creativity of my work. There is much to be said for knowing how to shoot your own film, make your own adjustments (and mistakes!) during processing and printing in the darkroom.

My current focus with my Black and White photography images remains in the study of light in the hidden treasures found in rural Connecticut counties. Bringing to life the places and things that go seemingly unnoticed every day, fascinates and inspires me. My floral images are a personal study of spirit, light, texture, shadow, and color. I myself do not make major adjustments in Photoshop or any other editing program. For me, the magnificence of photography is in the composition, lighting, texture and value of the subject matter at the time the picture was taken.

Media Information: For my print film, the negatives are scanned on an Epson high quality scanner, minor if any, adjustments are made in Adobe Photoshop and then the photographs are printed on my Epson Photo 2200 printer using Epson inks and paper. For digital prints, the images are loaded into the computer from the camera, adjusted slightly in Photoshop and printed the same as my print film.
Formal Education: I have been actively taking photographs for over 20 years. My love of photography began at an early age and my formal training began in 1984 I have a BA in Graphic Design and Photography and a Masters in Art Education. I teach art full time in a Connecticut public school system.

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About the Artist

My current reflections… What do I see? What do I feel?  Photography for me is the expression of life. The Art of Photography, at its core is about light; the use of, the lack of, the excess of, and the manipulation of light. A Different Light.  Light, in essence is life.  Finding, capturing and sharing the exquisiteness, and beauty in something so seemingly simple, stirs in me, and draws forth the greatest amount of satisfaction and joy.  Through photography, I have found the medium in which to share my personal insight, my gift. My current focus with my Black and White images remains in the study of light in the hidden treasures found in Connecticut.  Bringing to life the places and things that go seemingly unnoticed every day, fascinates and inspires me.



  • The Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT. 2009
  • Work shown at Litchfield Jazz Festival 2009
  • First, Second and Third Place ribbon winner, Goshen Fair 2007-2008.
  • Recipient of the Sturdevant Purchase Award.
  • Published finalist in The Best of College Photography Annual 1990.



  • I am available for hire for a variety of photographic needs including engagement photography, portraits, candids, pet photography and business owners photographs.  Please contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Purchasing Information:

  •  I am in the process of setting up a paypal account.  For complete information regarding purchasing please contact me at  with the photographs you would like to purchase, the sizes and specify framed or unframed.  (All photographs come matted)  I will accept checks and other forms of payment
  • All prints are signed and dated by the photographer and printed on Epson premium glossy photo paper using Epson inks and hardware.
  • Matted prints are matted on acid-free foam core for backing with an acid-free white mat to match the dimension size of the print.
  • Framed prints are matted as above and include a black metal frame with glass.
  • 30-day guarantee. If you are not pleased with the photograph for any reason, return it to me and I will refund your money (excluding shipping costs). Prints must be returned in original condition and in original packing. Should the photograph become damaged during shipping, I will replace the print once the damaged print is returned to me.
  • Copyright information: Photographs may not be used for commercial purposes without written authorization of the photographer.

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